Silver Echoes… Echoes… Echoes

It is amazing what you can coax out of a linear piece of metal!

After years of making wire wrapped jewelry it occurred to me that there was a lot more to learn about metal. Introducing the flame thrower. Now that was scary… especially for my husband. “Please, Honey, don’t burn down the house!”

I bought books by the dozen and took classes with an amazing woman. She is extraordinarily talented and patient to a fault. Such a good combination when teaching someone like me… a bit anxious, a little flighty and a wicked perfectionist.

Each piece I create is made as a tribute to this life of ours… the ups, downs, joys and sorrows. All items are made of high quality components, crafted with care, infused with love and light, and sent out to help beautify both you and the world in which you live.

We are all in this together, and anything I can do to make your journey sparkle just a little more brightly is a gift to us both.