I believe all women deserve to feel comfortable in what they are wearing, no matter the occasion.  Whether you are trying to coax those stubborn dust bunnies out from under the sofa, or walking down a busy city street on your way to the theater, both feel better when done in comfort.

I believe that simplicity has its place amidst the busyness and complexity of our everyday lives.  It seems that our days are always filled with so many things to see and far too much to do.  And whatever it is we are seeing, or whatever it is we are doing, the simpler our environment, the better we function.

I believe that once we are old enough to be concerned about the environment, we each have a duty to do what we can to keep our planet healthy.  Whether it is reusing something that we might otherwise discard, reducing the amount of trash we create, or wearing recycled silver, every little bit helps.

Lastly, I believe that all women have the right to shine.  Regardless.

“Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”
Maya Angelou